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2004 - December 13th.

Aiee. I'm still hiatused.

Good news is: life is finally quietening down a tad. The reason for this prolonged haitus is that at first, I had my final exams for university - as this was my final year, this was a pretty major thing and all the subjects this last semester have been significantly harder than other semesters. So... obviously I didn't get much time for thinking about my comic for a couple weeks before and for the entire exam-week (fortnight) process.

Then I got some relief in the form of 2 days of holiday before I was scheduled to leave for Sydney! Sydney was great by the way, and I reccomend a nice long holiday there to everyone (Aussies and foriegners alike)

So, after I spent a week in Sydney (not to mention all of my money and my credit!) I got back to Brisbane with about 3 days before my lease expired on my flat. Thus there was frantic cleaning, packing and very busy busyness involved in getting my affairs in order to leave the city that had been my home for the past 3 years.

In amongst all this, I seemed to find the time to meet a beautiful boy named Wayne and we're now hopelessly in love.

so... there you go. Life is finally starting to settle into a bit more quiet a routine, but I still don't know when I'll be focussing on Dream in a big way again.

In the mean time... CHECKIT! There's all new, all colour cast pictures!!

2004 - September 11th.

He he... Um. Gomenesai! I didn't mean this comic to be on hiatus for so long!

I've managed to draw a couple of strips and I've told myself that I should really get my arse into gear and draw some more - every week in fact! But I still can't promis you anything. Sorry.

In other news, Uni is still hectic, but I figure, I draw anyway, so I may as well be drawing Dream. My plans for a Mecha webcomic (those of you who read my Journal will know about this) is on hold - I think I want someone to write scripts for me. I'm too lazy to write scripts. At least I've already planned most of what's going to happen in Dream for the next few months,

Next saturday will be the introduction of the long awaited Adrian. (Check cast page - he already has an entry there)

Also, I've gotten more gift art. Although the contributor of this latest piece has asked to remain annonymous. (Not sure why, the piece is really cute!)

While updating the art section, I'll put up the magnificent piece of art Vince Suzakawa did for me in exchange for the art I did for him however long ago it was (It's used as an example in the commissions section. Which I should update some time soon as well.)

Well, that's it for me till next week. Probably next week.


Remember - no promises. Check my LJ. The truth is out there.

2004 - February 28th.

Well, will you look at that... two updates in as many weeks... perhaps I really am back on schedule :)

Not much to write about, except that I'd like more and more readers to register on the forum! I've had a couple of people contact me with something resembling fan-mail who didn't seem to realise that the forum is free to register on, it doesn't take long. And forum participation is fun! Honest! Ask all the current forumites.

Back again next week :)

2004 - February 21st.
2004 - January 17th.
2004 - January 9th.
2004 - January 3rd.
2003 - November 19th.

2003 - November 7th.
2003 - November 2nd.

For blog archives before the above date, you'll just have to scroll. Not that anyone in their right mind would bother reading them anyway :)


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